Ghost Block
The Cloning Chamber
Cloning is our variation of breeding.
Cloning will be your way of introducing new Ghosts into our metaverse. To start the cloning process, you'll need to head over to the Research Lab and interact with the Cloning Chamber. Once there select two of your Ghosts that will go into the Cloning Chamber and pay the Mad Scientist the required token fees to commence the cloning process.

Cloning Probability

The machine will take the DNA from each Ghost to give you a predetermined chance at one of the five Ghost rarities. Higher rarity Ghosts placed in the cloning machine, will have a better chance at producing another high rarity Ghost.
When cloning a number between 1 - 80 will be rolled. After the number is rolled the two Ghosts inside the Cloning Machine will have their DNA stats added to the number, the final number determines which Ghost Type is minted from the cloning process.
Ghost Type
DNA Stat
Points Needed
1 - 46
47 - 77
78 - 91
92 - 98

Cloning Limits & Cost

Each Ghost except for the Founder's Edition Ghost, will have a limit of three times that they can be used in the Cloning Chamber. Every additional time the same Ghost has been used in the Cloning Chamber a 10% will be added.
Ghost 1/3 Clones = 10% Additional Fee
Ghost 2/3 Clones = 20% Additional Fee
Additional Fee is 30% of Base Fee
You will pay the total fee in two transactions: 90% in Holywater and 10% in Ectoplasm.
Distribution of fee subject to change in accordance to each token's stability.
The number of times a Ghost has been used in the Cloning Chamber will be represented by a Cloned Stat found with the Ghost.

Founder's Edition Ghost

The Founder's Ghost will not share this max limitation, but will have it's own limitation rules. The Founder's Ghost may only be used in the Cloning Chamber once per Era. To see more about Eras visit Research Lab.
However, The Founder's Ghost will have the benefit of succeeding much higher probabilities of obtaining higher rarity ghosts when used in conjunction with another higher rarity ghost. Furthermore, the Founder's Ghost will always have the same base fee.
You will receive a 50% chance of cloning the same rarity of ghost you are in the chamber with. The other 50% will be spread among the two Ghost rarity types below that Ghost.
Example 1:
A Legendary and Founder's Ghost inside the chamber will have a 50% chance of producing a Legendary, 30% chance of producing an Epic, 20% chance of producing a Rare.
Example 2:
An Uncommon and Founder's Ghost inside the chamber will have a 50% chance of producing an Uncommon, 50% chance of producing a Common.
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