Ghost Block
The Exorcist's Church
Haunting is our variation of Staking.
The Exorcist's Church is thriving with a resource required for the Mad Scientist's Cloning Chamber to work. This is where you will send your Ghosts to haunt and steal the Exorcist's Holywater. Once you arrive at the Exorcist's Church you can interact with it to stake your Ghosts and begin the haunting process.
$HOLY will be passively earned for the duration that your Ghosts are staked until you withdraw them or claim your tokens.
Factors that will change how much you will earn while haunting with one of your teams will include:
  • What rarity your Ghosts are.
  • The amount of Ghosts that are in your team.
  • How many of each unique Tarot Card you have placed for that team.
  • The level of each of those Tarot Cards.

To see an estimate of your rewards you can check our live estimator on our website in the Mint page. The estimations are a reflection for each Ghost team with up to a maximum of 25 Ghosts at a time for each Generation.
This amount is calculated on the premises of a 24 hour haunting and is the starting point for their Estimated Rewards, the actual value will fluctuate depending on the price $HOLY. See Ghosts for further detail on bonus rates.

At any point after you begin haunting you may claim your accumulated tokens, however there will be a withdraw fee for early claims. This is set in place to help stabilize the economy of our tokens from consistent dumping.
The withdraw fee will start at 75%, then go down by 5% every day that you do not make a claim. After 15 days with no claims the withdraw fee will be set to 5% and will stay at 5% until you decide to claim your rewards.
After every claim the withdraw fee resets back to 75%.
Furthermore, every time you claim your tokens your Ghosts will be withdrawn from haunting as well. Ghosts that are withdrawn from haunting will be placed on a 24 hour cooldown. Ghosts that are on a cooldown can not be deposited into the Church to haunt or be put up for sale in the Marketplace.
Exorcist's Church
More information with a chart on reward % based on rarities to be announced before launch.
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