Ghost Block
Every new Era is a new Generation of Ghosts.
Every two weeks with each new Era there will be a new Generation of Ghosts. With the change of an Era the Cloning Chamber will adjust and only produce the newest Generation of Ghosts, regardless of the inputted Ghosts used for the cloning process.

Ghost Teams in Haunting

Each Ghost will have a specific Generation assigned to it depending on which Era it was created in.
Ghosts of the same Generation will be able to consist of a team, up to 25 Ghosts in total per team. Once a new Era begins players will be able to create an additional team by using the new Generation of Ghosts. You cannot mix and match different Generations of Ghosts into the same team.
Pre-purchased Ghosts and Ghosts created in the first Era through cloning are both considered Generation 1 Ghosts.
Once the second Era starts, all Ghosts created through cloning will be considered Generation 2 Ghosts, and so on and so forth for each new Era.

Founder's Edition Ghost

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Ghost Teams in Haunting
Founder's Edition Ghost