Ghost Block
Tarot Cards
Active cards to boost your haunting rewards.
We will be selling Tarot Cards for $ECTO for a limited time.
Introducing Tarot Cards. There will be a total of 10 different cards you can collect and upgrade to alter your hauntings, boosting your rewards by a % depending on the level of your cards and how many you have in your collection book. You may only gain benefits from one of each type of card, for a maximum of 10 cards to boost your haunting rewards.
You'll be able to upgrade your Tarot Cards at the Fortune Teller's tent, at a cost of a pegged amount of $HOLY and of a similar card that is the same level as the one you are upgrading.
One of the cards will be burned in the process.
Depending on what level your Tarot Card is, your reward bonus will change, the higher the level of Tarot Card the more Haunting Bonus you will receive from all your Ghosts Haunting. The following list is for one card of each level. If you were to obtain one of each card at level 5, you will receive a total of a 500% Haunting Bonus.
  • Tarot Card Level 1: Haunting Bonus 2%
  • Tarot Card Level 2: Haunting Bonus 5%
  • Tarot Card Level 3: Haunting Bonus 10%
  • Tarot Card Level 4: Haunting Bonus 20%
  • Tarot Card Level 5: Haunting Bonus 50%
For more information on rewards, please refer to the Estimator on the website.
There will be a Tarot Card Presale for BNB, then afterwards all Tarot Card purchases will be made with Holywater in-game and from other players in the marketplace for BNB.
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