Ghost Block
Meet the Team
Ghost Block Team
The team of Ghost Block is based in Canada but have decided to not share any further details as they wish to keep their personal lives private, and not bring any attention onto themselves.
However they are very dedicated to this project's long term vision and take all the necessary steps to protect the community and project's investments. Including the use of vesting locks for all token allocations, and a multi-signature vault requiring 3/4 team members to approve any spending or moving of funds.
The team is represented by two Founders that go by the usernames of Toba & SnowyB. This will be the Founders' first and only project made on the blockchain. However, each and every team member on board has various education and/or experience in field that supports their specific role in which they are bringing to this project.
Both developers on the team have 9+ years of experience working in both solidity and multiple front-end development languages and have worked on other blockchain related projects.
Toba | Co-Founder, Project Manager
SnowyB | Co-Founder, Listing Developer
Ada | Concept Design
Nordi | UX/UI Artist
DevWisp | Full Stack Developer
Dave80u | Web Developer
JustEd | Advisor
Lexlyan | Artist
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